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Catering doesn’t have to mean boring food that you’ve had a million times. Rebel and let Sully’s Steamers cater your next event or meeting with stuffed, steamed, delicious, interesting bagel sandwiches. Overthrow the ordinary!


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Don’t put up with boring tuna on white, turkey on wheat, ham on rye, bag of chips, stale cookie catering trays anymore.

Not when Sully’s is within sight.

Try a bunch of our stuffed, steamed, melty, gooey sandwiches which just flood your tastebuds with flavor.

They’re different. They’re delicious. And nobody yawns from boredom, because their mouths are full.

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No more same old same old. No more turkey on wheat with rubber cheese and a sad little packet of mayo.

No more ham on rye in which the ham tastes more like the rye than the rye.

No more chocolate chip cookie that was baked during the Roman Empire.

It’s time for Sully’s Steamers.


Stuffed, steamed, melty bagel sandwiches filled with unique combinations and all kinds of deliciousness.

So get your yum on! Don’t settle for the ordinary turkey or ham or tuna salad that tastes like chicken salad that looks
like egg salad.

Do something different. Do Sully’s.

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