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There's just something about Sully's.. Yes, there are the sandwiches and all that steam and melty, oozy, luscious deliciousness that drips from every bagel. 

But there’s something else about Sully’s. There’s a feeling, a vibe, a sensation to the place that makes you feel at ease, at home, among friends, with family...and without judgment.

It’s just comfortable, like the food. It’s just authentic, like the way you’re greeted. It’s just real, like the complete lack of pretentiousness of the decor, of the folks who work the counter, of the folks who run the place, the folks you’re sitting next to...there’s no pretend here at Sully’s. It’s all as genuine and as real as roast beef.

Our Founder
- Robert Sullivan AKA "Sully"

Robert Sullivan is not a chef, nor a food critic, nor a sommelier. He is just Sully-a regular Joe that realized we needed better quality food at affordable prices and decided to act. If you didn’t have his picture right here, you would still know what he looks like because he’s still the one behind the register, washing the dishes, and steaming up goodness. Come by and meet him yourself-he’d be glad to share his story!

Sully's is a
Way of Life

We want Sully’s Steamers to be an inviting, warm, neighborhood place where everyone feels welcome, where you can relax, enjoy a tasty, messy sandwich, get a mustard stain on your shirt without fretting, and for a few minutes just chill. We want our guests treated with respect, friendliness, and, because our staff doesn’t turn over much, we’ll remember our regulars.