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We create delicious memories for hungry tummies.

Sully’s Steamers opened March 18, 2013 in the heart of Greenville, SC. There had never been anything like Sully’s in Greenville (or nearly anywhere else!) and the public responded in an overwhelmingly positive manner. The combination of a delicious and unique product, a reasonable price-point, a warm and friendly atmosphere and truly incredible customer service has set Sully’s apart! 

We see a huge cross section of our community throughout the week, which has been incredibly gratifying! Whether it’s the business person or construction worker during the work week, the running groups on Saturday mornings, the church crowd on Sunday, the late night young adults on the weekend or the families all the time, Sully’s brings everyone together to enjoy food and fellowship!  

Sully’s has always tried to hire people that have a servant’s heart and the desire to surprise and delight our guests. The product speaks for itself, but we here at Sully’s don’t rest on that fact…we connect with each and every guest like they are the most important person we’ve ever served.

 So come on in, kick back, get ready to try something completely unique…and let off a little steam.



AKA “Sully”

Robert Sullivan is not a chef, nor a food critic, nor a sommelier. He is just Sully-a regular Joe that realized we needed better quality food at affordable prices and decided to act. If you didn’t have his picture right here, you would still know what he looks like because he’s still the one behind the register, washing the dishes, and steaming up goodness. Come by and meet him yourself-he’d be glad to share his story!

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Chief Operating Officer


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Joshua Riley

Dynamic operations expert and talented systems architect with an unrelenting passion for efficiency.

Chief of Staff


Shawna Fesler

Recruiting guru, community outreach, marketing support, and all around ambassador of kindness

VP of Development


Neil Rohricht

Seasoned hospitality professional. Personnel and leadership development specialist.

Serving Goodness

Sully’s Steamers mission is To Serve Goodness.  And not just delicious sandwiches.  We aim to serve our employees, our customers and our community.  We want to have the opportunity to carefully and fairly select the areas where we are able to make the most impact.

If you believe our donation will be able to impact your cause, please fill out the form below and our team will consider your request. Please send requests 60 days before the event. Because we receive multiple requests per day, please give us at least a week to reply to your submission.

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Job Openings


Sully’s Steamers is always looking for great people as we expand & grow! Have a look at our current job openings.

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