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illustration of bagel sandwich with mushrooms & tomatoes
Illustration of a bagel sandwich with tomatoes and olives

Management Training


Leading and managing are not the same at Sully’s. Our goal is to train leaders who are there to serve their fellow employees and community-not just make sandwiches and crunch numbers. But running a restaurant is also running a business. Our leaders will learn how to effectively control expenses, build and implement marketing strategies, facilitate culture and develop future leaders-valuable assets that can be used in any business. Think you have what it takes? Check out our current openings!


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Making sandwiches is only a fraction of what we do here at Sully’s. Sully’s is a fast paced environment with constant moving parts and lots of steam. We are looking for people who are quick on their feet and can manage any curve balls thrown their way We are looking for individuals who are just as driven to serve the community as we are. The Sully’s team is always having fun while getting the job done. Sound like something you could be interested in? Check out our current openings!